'Light and Shadow' - mandala (c) Jaimie Cahlil
Jaimie Cahlil

Jaimie Cahlil

UKCP Reg. Psychotherapist; Dip.Couns. (Integrative); Dip.Psych. (Transpersonal)

Jaimie Cahlil – Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Counselling in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Jaimie Cahlil (long-experienced psychotherapist based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) offers the warmly human profoundly challenging process of transpersonal psychotherapy to those ready for sustained depth-work. Evoking a gentle shared sense of humour, such work has the power to create a deep sense of ease and stability, inner strength, and healthy self-acceptance, often Jaimie’s        ‘whole-being-mindful-awareness’ is potentially spiritually awakening, spiritual psychotherapy involves courageous    self-honest heart-and-soul work.


In line with professional guidelines, Jaimie’s practice environment continues to be Covid-secure – with surfaces sanitised and through-ventilation maintained…for the sake of anyone vulnerable, health-wise – and in case of any further viral ‘waves’.
Bearing this in mind: while face-to-face ‘in-person’ sessions tend to work best, experience shows that, if necessary, phone sessions work (often surprisingly) well for most people – including deep process work. So, if ever in-person is genuinely not do-able or advisable, sessions via phone (mobile-to-mobile, audio WhatsApp, or landline-to-landline) will be offered.

September 2022

'Inner Light' © Jaimie Cahlil

What is Psychospiritual Transpersonal Psychotherapy?

While counselling deals with short-term issues, psychospiritual counselling also supports ‘awakening’ practices – eg: meditation and mindfulness. Psychotherapy itself is a deeper more sustained process – transpersonal psychotherapy reaching far further, working with ‘deep-being’ (often called ‘soul work’). Spiritual or psychospiritual transpersonal psychotherapy is commonly experienced as gently healingful or transformational. Transpersonal psychotherapy initially focuses on complex or deep-rooted personal issues – allowing an earthy anchoring kind of ‘mindfulness’ to develop, clearing the way for grounded spiritual work. When genuinely engaging in therapy, a transformative sense of ‘spiritual awakening’ may occur – with a warm sense of oneness. Through his personal and professional work over many, many, years (and continuing), Jaimie’s intuitive way of working naturally nurtures (without so-called ‘trying’) a warmly self-accepting state of being – and deeply trustworthy sense of ‘home’ within.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy is likely to work well for you – particularly when you’re…

– feeling empty, ‘grey’, self-alienated, de-energised, anxious, unreal, or disconnected…and longing to feel present, at ease and in charge of yourself…while engaged in a nourishing life
– wanting to explore deep feelings & thoughts linked to past or present in bigger picture context
– struggling with existential questions, concerns, fears, or anxieties – maybe fears about ‘dying’, or curiosity about what may happen after ‘death’; searching for a sense of meaning or purpose
– wishing to deepen your mindfulness practice or soulful spirituality – or at least inner ease…!

About Jaimie Cahlil

Originally trained in fine art, Jaimie provided special needs support in education before working with elderly people, and then adult acute psychiatric care. Jaimie engaged in 8 years’ therapy training – gaining diplomas in integrative counselling (Oxford) and transpersonal psychotherapy (CCPE, London). Jaimie’s practice, initially established over 20 years ago in Oxford, is now based in Cheltenham – with individuals attending in Gloucestershire and beyond. Introduced to traditional meditation in the 1980s, Jaimie’s work is rooted in his early childhood sense of ‘we’ as one people, an ever-deepening sense of ‘home’– and the tough self-honest deeply freeing work of gradual awakening.

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Sessions are usually conducted in person – particularly for those in Gloucestershire (though some travel in from Worcestershire and Oxfordshire), with phone sessions available as & when required.

To make an enquiry, or book your initial session, please complete the enquiry form.

Jaimie Cahlil is bound by the following professional bodies' ethical guidelines for good practice in counselling and psychotherapy:
UKCP Registered Psychotherapist (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) Registration Number: 09160709
UKRCP Registered Independent Counsellor/Psychotherapist