Light and shadow mandala - by Jaimie Cahlil
Jaimie Cahlil

Jaimie Cahlil

UKCP Reg. Psychotherapist; Dip.Couns. (Integrative); Dip.Psych. (Transpersonal)

Jaimie Cahlil Counselling & Psychotherapy

Jaimie Cahlil offers counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples wishing to explore and resolve a wide spectrum of life issues.

With a background in fine art as well as education and psychiatric care, where appropriate, Jaimie offers ‘creative expression‘ – psychotherapy and visual creative work as a combined therapeutic process.

Jaimie practices in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Many aspects of one - by Jaimie Cahlil

Jaimie Cahlil is bound by the following professional bodies' ethical guidelines for good practice in counselling and psychotherapy:
UKCP Registered Psychotherapist (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) Registration Number: 09160709
UKRCP Registered Independent Counsellor/Psychotherapist

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