What is Therapy?

Painswick Mandala

Painswick Mandala

Dancing Yew Tree

Dancing Yew Tree

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Yew Trees Mandala

Therapy is a weave of counselling and psychotherapy, fine-tuned to your self and your needs.


If your reason for requesting therapy is straightforward and not deep-rooted, your issue may be fairly straightforward to resolve or ease. This is counselling – which may be all you require or want right now. Counselling is designed to enable each person to gain effective strategies and/or make healthy adjustments in the way both self and situation are viewed.

*Please check with Jaimie if unsure whether what you are looking for is counselling or psychotherapy – as there is a blurred dividing line between the two, with what may begin at counselling level sometimes deepening into psychotherapy!


The more complex or deep-rooted your difficulties, or the more deeply you wish to explore, naturally the longer the process – though rewarding. The core work of psychotherapy relies on developing a healthy conscious relationship with your own deep being – using what I call ‘whole-being awareness’, with the aid of sensing and intuition to inform and guide the process. If new to psychotherapy, all this will be an empowering learning experience. And healingful. 

Extending Beyond Conventional Psychotherapy

This is profoundly transformative work, with deep-being at its core. Going ‘beyond’ ordinary psychotherapy additionally involves (the development of) heart-centred consciousness…leading into awareness of a subtle layers of reality…and a profound sense of (what I call) ‘essence’. 

PLEASE NOTE: this way of working will fluctuate from session to session – often requiring the more ordinary process of ordinary psychotherapy. I work with what IS. Transpersonal exploration is deepened by a sense of curiosity and fun.   

Why Choose Therapy?

You may be looking for counselling or psychotherapy because…

Inner Stillness - by Jaimie Cahlil

Angel of Inner Stillness (Sold)

  • You have reached your limit – and need to make sense of things, deal with feelings and anxieties, and find strategies to ease your situation.
  • Though okay on the surface, you are not feeling okay underneath – and don’t know why.
  • You are feeling… stuck, confused, trapped, lost, disconnected, irritable, anxious or stressed, angry, guilty, sad, ashamed, scared, depressed, insecure, shaky, demoralised, or struggling with a sense of unreality – maybe as if you don’t belong…
  • Life feels meaningless or grey; something feels wrong, missing, or needs to be faced
  • You have little sense of who you truly are…or why you are here…
  • You have a difficult or life-altering decision to make
  • You wish for a healthy relationship with yourself – so you can feel at ease… or ‘at home’
  • You wish to develop self-awareness and mindfulness… and enjoy true quality of life
  • You are consciously choosing to deepen and nourish yourself on your spiritual path or soul’s journey, in a genuine down-to-earth way
  • You’re struggling with anxiety about the state of our planet – and about what the future may hold

General Benefits of Therapy

The therapeutic process may significantly improve your quality of life

Pitcher of Light - by Jaimie Cahlil
Counselling and psychotherapy are not just for times of crisis – nor just to ease, find strategies for, or resolve a long established problem or deep-rooted difficulty. The therapeutic process, with your relationship with your core self, may also assist those who wish to explore how best to ‘do life’, significantly improving your genuine quality of life. As such, psychospiritual psychotherapy may be regarded as an invaluable life investment.

The therapy I offer is likely to help you to…

  • Become increasingly at peace / at ease (or ‘at home’) within yourself, as you develop your inner strength and stability – beneficial for your general state of health, your work and your social life
  • Awaken and/or deepen your subtle sense of being and awareness in this moment (mindfulness) regarding self and others, together with your experience in the world, offering you greater conscious choice and self-empowerment
  • Develop/deepen your sense of being and ‘meaning’ / personal way / direction in life
  • Explore and be your real self (or soul) – beyond social masks, creating a rewarding inner / psychospiritual journey

Common Issues

Can include relationship, emotional, work or quality of life worries or stress

Silent Wings - by Jaimie Cahlil
  • Relationship – with your own self, your partner, your children, family, friends, and others: communication breakdown, betrayal of trust, unreliability, infidelity / secrecy, disconnection, discontent, inequality, manipulative / controlling behaviour, falling out of love, over-whelm / confusion, separation and divorce, sexual intimacy and sexuality issues, lack of fulfilment, all kinds of violence / abuse, absence, illness, bereavement
  • Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual well-being: sudden, long-term and terminal ill-health, psychiatric or mental breakdown, spiritual issues / your spiritual journey, emotional discomfort and difficulty – eg: sadness, depression, grief, stress, anxiety, panic, anger, rage, shame, boredom / sense of soulful or spiritual meaninglessness, feeling stuck, emotional numbness, lack of confidence / low self-esteem
  • Work, studies or home life: stress perhaps due to meaninglessness or dissatisfaction, bullying or intimidation, need for change of direction, creative block, unemployment, work overdrive
  • uality of life / spiritual journey: when you find the right therapist for you, your investment in therapy will reward you with changes within you that in turn will improve your emotional, psychological, soulful / spiritual quality of life and well-being. Such changes can be truly transforming.