Spiritual Psychotherapy

’Essence (mandala)’ © Jaimie Cahlil

Rarely offered in contemporary counselling or psychotherapy, I shall do my best to provide a useful definition of spiritual (‘psychospiritual’/’transpersonal’) psychotherapy, together with a description of general process and expected gains:

Science and Spirituality

Introducing a meeting of science and spirituality: as I understand it, science says everything that exists is, in essence, energy; and though finely vibrational energy patterns fluctuate, energy cannot be eradicated. Similarly, as I know this experientially, what is referred to as ‘spiritual’ or ‘spirituality’ is, in essence, energy. Conscious of this or not, we are composed of, and immersed in, subtle energy patterns – some of which is consciousness itself. This is what I call feet-on-the-ground ‘spiritual’ (all-immersive ever-present ever-fluctuating) reality – or ‘spirituality’.

Spiritual Psychotherapy

‘Psychospiritual’, ‘transpersonal’, or ‘spiritual psychotherapy’ refers to the transformational processes and experiences (which some call ‘spiritual awakening’) in psychotherapy. This may be a gradual awakening and deepening of spacious consciousness awareness, or a sudden awakening or unveiling. And, increasingly, those approaching me for sessions, name some kind of need of support & guidance in terms of their spiritual awareness.

Psychospiritual (spiritual) Psychotherapy

Many entering counselling or psychotherapy describe loss, or lack, of ‘meaning’ or ‘purpose’ in life, often with little sense of self – or sense of ‘home’ deep within. However, the transpersonal psychospiritual process offers opportunities to develop a real sense of what I call ‘deep being’ (or ‘soul’)… which may be experienced as an interweaving of energetic patterns within immense inconceivable oneness.

Transpersonal psychospiritual psychotherapy is rooted in profound transformative experiential process – the essence or basis, as I say earlier, is confirmed by those I regard as true (open-mindedly curious) scientists. I emphasise the term experiential when speaking of spirituality, because what is most useful to us is our own direct experience of spirituality.

Earth Guardian’ © Jaimie Cahlil

Spiritual Psychotherapy – and how we may work

An image of a silver-haired person with a friendly smile may feel reassuring. However, those considering counselling or psychotherapy will need their intuitive sense of what feels right for them to guide their choice. The use of intuition, drawing on unconscious knowing, is vital in spiritual psychotherapy – and can be learnt.

While those beginning therapy are usually focused on difficult thoughts and emotions – rather than spirituality, many may be experiencing spiritual crisis to some degree. Characterised by an underlying sense of heavy fear, grey hopelessness, life lacking meaning, or feeling vaguely ‘lost’ or disconnected, many attempt to avoid facing their deepest discomfort, and fail. Then, what? While spiritual awakening may be wonderfully freeing, often a bewildering uncomfortable isolating state of ‘spiritual emergency’ or ‘spiritual crisis’ precedes this…in which some people imagine they are ‘going mad’. (They are not.)

When a person wishes to explore their own sense of spirituality through spiritual self-development (and often ‘the big questions‘),  I meet them where they are…and take it from there. (This includes the conscious sensing of those fine subtle energies we all sense subconsciously). No problem if new to this, however this is where ‘meditation & mindfulness‘ (whole-being mindful-awareness) come in.

Here, I introduce a logical intuitive process to create an enriching calming relaxing attitude to life and way of living – which, when practised, becomes a natural way of being. Genuine spiritual inquiry deepens our sense of feeling ‘at home’ within our self or ‘deep being’. …Now to add: for those already familiar with their own ‘spiritual self-development’ with awareness on deep-being ‘soul’ level, I offer what one person attending has termed ‘spiritual mentoring‘.

In Summary

Spiritual psychotherapy supports spiritual awakening and deepens conscious awareness, leading to feeling more at ease and ‘at home’ – no matter life may throw at us, creating an enriching calming relaxing empowering experience of… being here.
Worth a go, then?