Spiritual Psychotherapy

’Essence (mandala)’ © Jaimie Cahlil

As spiritual ( ‘psychospiritual’ / ’transpersonal’ ) counselling or psychotherapy is seldom overtly offered, here is my attempt:

The Meeting of Science and Spirituality

In my understanding, science states that all that exists is in essence energy – fluctuating vibrating energy patterns; and that, furthermore, energy cannot be eradicated. Similarly, experience referred to as ‘spiritual’ is, in essence, composed of patterns of fine energy. Conscious of this or not, we are composed of, and immersed in, subtle energy patterns – including consciousness itself. This is grounded stuff: feet-on-the-ground ‘spiritual’ reality – or ‘spirituality’.

Psychospiritual – Transpersonal – Spiritual

‘Psychospiritual’, ‘spiritual’, or ‘transpersonal’ in psychotherapy refers to profound transformational experiences and processes (‘spiritual awakening’) – within and beyond the egoic self. Far more than ordinary ‘mindfulness’ and challenge to ego, there is likely to be increasing conscious awareness – or sudden deep sensed knowing (“Aah…”), or conscious realisation (“Ahh!”). Increasingly, those requesting therapy also wish to come home to their self, and sense of meaning (spiritual self-development).

Many coming for counselling or psychotherapy describe a lack of ‘meaning’ or ‘purpose’ in life – often with little sense of self. In response, the transpersonal process offers opportunities to develop a real sense of deep self – or what I call ‘deep being’.

Spiritual psychotherapy is an experiential process, the essence of which is confirmed by scientists in terms of energy. I emphasise the term ‘experiential’ when speaking of spirituality, because what is most useful to any of us is direct grounded experiencing.

Earth Guardian’ © Jaimie Cahlil

Psychospiritual Psychotherapy – and how we may work

Now, the image of a silver-haired bearded man with a friendly smile may feel relaxing and reassuring. However, when choosing a counsellor for counselling or psychotherapist for psychotherapy, please use your sense of what feels right for you as your guide.

Those starting therapy are usually focused on difficult thoughts, emotions, and situations – characterised by an underlying sense of tension or anxiety – or even fear, hopelessness, meaninglessness, or feeling ‘lost’ or disconnected…which many attempt to avoid and bury. Furthermore, some people are in existential/spiritual crisis.

However, there is always a far wider (immense) context surrounding all this. While increasing awareness or spiritual awakening is (increasingly) freeing, a bewildering uncomfortable isolating state of ‘spiritual emergency’, or ‘spiritual crisis’, may precede this – in which some people imagine they are ‘going mad’. (They are not.)

When a person wishes to explore spirituality (which includes the ego) through self-development – and ‘the big questions‘, I meet them where they are…and take it from there. This is where ‘meditation & mindfulness‘ (whole-being mindful-awareness) enter. Here, I introduce a logical intuitive process designed to create an enriching calming relaxing attitude to yourself and life – which, when practised, becomes a natural way of being. Genuine spiritual inquiry develops our sense of ‘deep being’ – feeling ‘at home’. (Please note: those already familiar with their own ‘spiritual self-development’ and deep-being, may request ‘spiritual mentoring‘.)


Spiritual psychotherapy holds awakening and the (often courageous and egoically uncomfortable) process of self-development within the most immense context, our deepening awareness creating an increasing sense of being ‘at home’ within our self – no matter what life may throw – creating an enriching calming relaxing empowering experience of… being here. (Worth a go, then?)

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