What is Therapy?

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Transpersonal Psychotherapy: Jaimie Cahlil – Cheltenham

Transpersonal Psychotherapy is a profoundly transformative process fine-tuned to your being

Psychotherapy – and Beyond…

The core work of psychotherapy involves developing a healthy conscious relationship with your own deep being. And the more complex or deep-rooted your difficulties, or the more thoroughly you may wish to explore consciousness in your process of awakening, the longer the process is likely to be.

And… if or when you are ready to begin extending beyond the conventional frame of psychotherapy, we will move into profoundly subtle transformative work. This guided process is designed to develop heart-centred consciousness, a kind of ‘coming home’ to a place of deep ease, and a warm sense of what I call ‘essence’.

For this work, I draw from my own continually-evolving experience of ‘whole-being awareness’ (evolved mindfulness), supported by a pragmatic feet-on-ground meditational attitude. This involves the participant in various forms of intuition and sensing to guide the process….as we work together in a freeing spirit of playful curiosity.

A NOTE ABOUT COUNSELLING: ‘counselling’ is the most widely recognised term for what’s often referred to as ‘talking therapy’ – and is far more widely available compared with psychotherapy. Counselling tends to be issue-based, less deep, simpler, short or shorter-term work…beside the deeper work of psychotherapy. 

Why Choose Therapy?

You may be looking for counselling or psychotherapy because…

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  • You need to explore complex deep-rooted feelings, and difficult thoughts or experiences.
  • You are struggling with an enduring sense of unreality – or lack of embodiment, maybe as if you don’t belong here, or that life has been seeming distant or grey for a very long time.
  • You’re struggling with fears about the state of our planet – and what the future may hold.
  • You have (perhaps silently held) existential fears and/or questions you wish to explore – including fear of death or dying, or questions regarding the possibility of continuing consciousness.
  • You need a real sense of warm self-acceptance …to feel at ease or ‘at home’ in your being.
  • You long to develop meditative whole-being mindfulness… and enjoy true quality of life.
  • While walking your path, you could now do with some down-to-earth spiritual guidance.
  • You realise you’re experiencing an increasing intensity, unusual clarity or depth of consciousness – sometimes referred to as ‘spiritual awakening’ – for which you would welcome guidance, encouragement and support (and perhaps reassurance, too).

General Benefits of Therapy

The therapeutic process may significantly improve your quality of life

'Inner Stillness' (c) Jaimie Cahlil
Counselling and psychotherapy are not just for times of crisis – nor just to ease, find strategies for, or resolve a long established problem or deep-rooted difficulty. The therapeutic process, with your relationship with your core self, may also assist those who wish to explore how best to ‘do life’, significantly improving your genuine quality of life. As such, psychospiritual psychotherapy may be regarded as an invaluable life investment.

Engaging in the process of transpersonal psychotherapy is likely to help you…

  • Become increasingly calm, at ease, or ‘at home’ within yourself, as you develop inner strength, stability and clarity, while taking charge by learning to trust your sense of knowing or intuition.
  • Awaken and/or deepen your subtle sense of being and awareness in this moment (mindfulness) regarding your own self and others, together with your experience in the world. This will then offer you greater conscious choice and self-empowerment.
  • Be your real warm-hearted self – beyond any fear-based egoic performance or pretence, while deepening your sense of being. Learning to get out of your own way enables a natural healingful process, while making life more meaningful, enriching – and fun!
  • Evolve your conscious awareness and sense of subtle energy patterns and levels…towards a warming holding deeply soulful ‘spiritual awakening’ – and immense presence of ‘oneness’.


I always work with my sense of the whole of you – focusing on conscious awareness and spiritual self-development

​As a psychotherapist trained in integrative counselling and transpersonal psychotherapy, I work with awareness of the whole of you, wherever you are with yourself. AND… every therapist develops their ‘specialisms’. Mine include:

  • Spiritual Psychotherapy and Whole-Being-Awareness
    In this social world of easy distractions, disconnection and dis-ease is endemic. Underlying this may well be a longing to feel at ease in our self, to ‘come home’ to our self and soul or deepest being; and a longing to find our sense of meaning or path in life; to explore existential or spiritual experiences and ideas – and to recognise essential truth… Mindfulness, with its roots in ancient Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist teachings, can be described as the wish to stay ‘awake’ in the ‘here and now’ – while observing a sense of ‘whole picture’, without judgment or expectation. In common context, the practice of mindfulness is a psychospiritual non-pharmacological means of dealing with a range of problems that interfere with everyday functional – such as anxiety, depression, stress, etc.
  • Relational Issues
    Naturally, our closest deepest bond is with our life-long companion – our self. So, working with your relationship with You is the core of therapy. (Such work involves self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-assertiveness – as well as sense of self and gender identity.) As your sense of self becomes clearer, healthier, and more engaged, your self-acceptance will deepen – and your way of relating with others and with life in general will naturally improve.
  • Emotional issues
    Uncomfortable emotional-psychological sensations include stress, anxiety, low mood, sadness, grief, anger, fear, low self-esteem, guilt and shame – such uncomfortable states unawarely maintained with unhelpful unrealistic ‘stories’. When we become aware of accompanying emotional sensations – particularly the uncomfortable ones, it’s natural to want to ‘get rid of’ them. However, this tends instead to maintain them! In addition, emotional feelings convey vital information with the potential to alert us to underlying beliefs and needs, indicating when something is unhealthy or ‘not right’ for us, thereby guiding us in our actions and choices.
  • Psychiatric or ‘mental health’ conditions
    Those conditions include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, psychotic episodes, dissociative disorders (such as derealisation – as in a sense of unreality), and borderline personality disorder (BPD) – now also referred to as Emotional Instability Personality Disorder (EIPD) or Emotional Dysregulation Disorder (EDD). However, my focus is the individual as a person, not the diagnostic label. …Experiencing low emotional states of mind often creates an opening into a healingful transformative process – often referred to as a ‘dark night of the soul’ (see ‘Dark Nights of the Soul’ by Thomas Moore). The resulting process may profoundly enrich and colour your life, deepening your personal and spiritual evolvement. In terms of therapy, this is psychospiritual work.
  • Existential Fears, Concerns & Questions
    What is ‘death’? What of ‘consciousness’? Why am I here? Such questions may be simply curiosity. However, they are often instead deeply unsettling – if not terrifying (triggering panic). Rooted in early life, such fears and concerns are frequently pushed down and buried, kept there by handy distractions and avoidance. When rooted in fear of death, existential questions typically involve the nature of consciousness – and with it, self-existence. Existential fears, unless faced, will cast a silent shadow… draining life of colour, warmth, and aliveness: like a living death. However, the explorative process of therapy, when followed through, often creates a real sense of ‘coming home’ – ‘home’ here being a deep calm warm safe place within.


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Professional Notice

Jaimie Cahlil is bound by his professional body's ethical guidelines for good practice in counselling & psychotherapy:
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